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What does it cost?

The costs for a year at Nordfjord folk high school differs from student to student depending of the subjects chosen. Below is a overview of the costs you might expect.

Published February, 2017

Registration fee

After you have applied and admitted as a student, you will receive a letter that tells you how to accept the admission. The registration fee is currently NOK 2 800,-. This is a fee which all folk high schools have introduced in connection with the admission process. It is not included in the cost of the actual school year (see below). The fee is paid as a confirmation that the student accept the admission. This fee is not refundable unless the applicant regret within 14 days after payment (due to the right of cancellation).

Financial subsistence guarantee

Students from countries outside the EU/EEA area are required to document a financial subsistence guarantee as a condition to be granted a residence permit to attend a folk high school in Norway. This amount is by the Folk High Scool Council set to NOK 98 200 for the academic year 2017/2018. When the subistence guarantuee is received, the school will issue a confirmation letter which can be attached to the application for the residence permit. All foreign students from outside the EU/EEA countries must apply for a residence permit. Students from inside the EU/EEA conutries must register themselves in a scheme for EEA nationals

Tuition fee for the school year 2017/2018

The teaching at the folk high school is free. What you pay for is mainly room and board, transport, travels and assoisated costs, rent of equipment and addiotional costs for some specific courses. The price of your school year is thus dependent on the your choices of main subject, elective subjects, excursions and project weeks. The total costs are specified below.

Table 1: General costs 

  1          Room and board - in two price ranges: Normal/high standard: NOK 65 000, - (115 places) and lower standard*: 61 000, - (20 places) NOK 67 600 - 73 500
2 Main excursions (including sailing cruise with "Statsraad Lehmkuhl" to the Shetland islands, ski school excursion to the Hemsedal resort and pilgrimeage to Stad)  NOK 10 000
3 Common/shared costs (for instance rent of equipment, some medicals, internet, all other common excursions as skiing in Hemsdal, pilgrimage to Stad etc.) NOK 13 200
4 Elective subjectss (see below) see table 3
5 Project weeks  see table 2
6 Main subject NOK 13 800 - 22 500
7 Additional cost for single room NOK 7 200

from 104 600 to 119 700

- Deduction if financial guarantee is paid in advance (non-EEA students) 98 200
= Your balance (if financial guarantee is paid in advance) 5 000 - 19 000

*) Lower standard is defined for one spesific dormitory where the lavatory and wardrobe is across the corridor separated from the rooms (20 places). The rooms as such have good standard. For rooms in other dormitories and houses (115 places), the standard is generally defined as normal/high. 

Main programs 2017/2018
The fee for your main program covers all assosiated costs for the belonging activites. Since the activities are not the same for each class, the costs will also differ a bit. 

Tabell 2: Costs of the main courses (as included in table 1)

Main program Cost [NOK] Remark
Friluftsliv / Activity 13 800 Most of the best within Norwegian outdoor life
Friluftsliv / Expediton 18 500 Includes excursion to Svalbard
Friluftsliv / Hunting and fishing 20 000 A broad range of hunting in Norway in addition to linjetur to Sweden
Friluftsliv / KRIK  23 000 Incl. excursion to Bali, Indonesia
Friluftsliv / Norway adventure 20 000 Incl. several excursions in Norway from North to South 
Friluftsliv / Ski and surf 20 000 Incl. excursions to a great variety of skidestinations in Norway
Friluftsliv / Wind og water 23 000 Incl. excursion to Bali, Indonesia
Friluftsliv / Mountaineering 21 000 Inkl. either climbing excursion to France
Friluftsliv/ job training 13 500 Incl. excursions in Norway


Project weeks
During the year we have four weeks of elective projects and trips. Many of the projects is without charge (e.g. the great school cabaret in November). You can go through the school year without spending any extra money in project weeks. But not all projects are free. The trips / subjects that have larger charges are:

Table 3: Examples of some project weeks with additional costs

Project weeks Cost [NOK] Remark
Deerhunting 2000 Requires a licence to hunt
Drawing and painting 1500  
Climbing excursion to France 8 000 Included in the main subject costs for Vertical (table 2). The same excursion could be chosen as addiotional project for the others corses. 


Elective subjects

The price of an elective subjects will vary from NOK 0 up to NOK 3500. Kayak construction costs NOK 3 500 and is the most expensive elective subject. But then you will bring your own kayak with you when you go home.

We offer more than 60 different electives. Many of them are free. Most students have six elective subjects during the school year, and the sum of costs spent on elective subjects will for an average student be approximately NOK 1600. Our experience is that some students tend to chose expensive subjects, but for us it is important that we for all the three terms can offers electives free of charge.  

What you pay for the electives, is for example transport and consumption of equipment (when you create longboard, knives, anoraks etc, you pay for the raw materials used). More information about the various elective subjects, will be given after you have started at the school. 

Funds, scholarships and loan

Nordfjord does unfortunately not offer funds of financial help for students. The assistanse form the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen), is generally dedicated to Norwegian citizens. But some foreigners are eligible, so it might be wise to check it out.   

The Christian Folk High Schools have some scholarships which are possible to apply to. This must be done through the school. Sometimes the school can offer small jobs in order for the student to finance part og his/her study. It is impossible to promise anything in advance, but the students are alwas welcome to send us an part time job application.